Great people, great methodology, great content. With the right combination of all three magic starts to happen. Although we work with the largest companies in the world you get the real benefit of a small business ethos; we know our clients very well, we take care over the smallest details of each of your projects & make sure you get the team you want. We have made a strategic decision to be best, rather than biggest, and you will feel the difference.
Go To Market Workshops
We do the discovery and background research to understand your marketing reality - including more stakeholder interviews than you would imagine. That helps us build the workshops with your team which allows you to decide as a team how you will go to market: users, channels, platforms, messaging and all..
Sales Skills Workshops
Half-days or Full-days You are learning on your own but also have the benefit of the group and that is what makes a workshop so useful. Our workshops are challenging but fun. You will be working hard on your own sales situations but the day will fly by.
Skills Coaching
A series of one-on-one meetings of two hours Coaching is the quickest route for executives and managers to improve their skill levels & performance. As coaches we observe ,ask questions, transfer skills and let you practice. They then reflect back to you the quickest ways to get where you want to be.
Customer Journey Facilitation
Half-day, full-day or a series of team meetings Good facilitation is useful for deep diving into issues, creating better relationships, developing teams and joint decision making. t is about helping people to engage, develop, & manage within their teams or organizations.