Working in a global company means working virtually. Managing a team really well is a challenge even when all the members of the team work in the same building.
When they work all over the world the problems are compounded. Here are the some of th e things a good virtual team leader needs to do to do it well. This list has been compiled by the participants of our hundreds of workshops on the subject of virtual teams in global organisations 

Allocating Resources
  • Brings together people with the right mix of technical and people skills
  • Brings together the necessary tools, information & resources to get the job done
  • Maintains authority
  • Ensures accountability in others
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Drives for results, helps others bring the team to closure

 Boundary Management

  • Anticipates changes in the environment
  • Evaluates trends
  • Acts as interface between team and corporate/customers
  • Forges alliances, opens doors, removes obstacles
 Building and Maintaining Relationships
Communicates openly and honestly
  • Acts with integrity
  • Ensures everyone can participate fully despite individual and cultural difference
  • Establishes clear norms of how to behave with one another
  • Role models good judgment
  • Teaches others and helps them develop their potential
  • Ensures new members get up-to-speed quickly
  • Brings in training as needed
  • Builds communication linkages between all members
  • Helps establish a regular pattern of communication as a team
  • Selects appropriate electronic and communications technologies
  • Ensures an equitable distribution of information
  • Gains balance of communicating social, operational, and task-oriented information